About us

Timeswitch is an electrical service provider

TimeSwitch electrical (Pty)Ltd company was founded in year 2008 by Leonard Tim. It was named after a long service on a project which seemed to be impossible, Leonard was named time switcher because of his time management skills which made it a success.

We are freely operational covering a wide range of aspects in the Electrical power industries.

For more than 10years of service, we have constructed uncounted projects with affordable rates, we are always admitted to our work and compete to make our clients happy and creating memorable services.

Current status: Available for hire


Our specializations

  • House wiring

    New building pipe laying, wirring and cerification from scratch on any kind of construction single phase and higher .

  • Solar System

    We install DC solar systems connected in series to generate AC curent backed up with heavy duty batteries for overnight usage.

  • Faulty repairs

    There are many causes which occur on electric circuits or conductors leading to power failure, we are here to help.

  • Phase upgrades

    Due to bussiness demand you might need to use advanced machinery which requres high voltage, we help you upgrade to a higher phase.

  • Borehole pumps

    Most farmers use borehole waters rather to municipality water as they use high volume of litres, with us you can save money.

  • Automated circuits

    Now that you are tired of manual operating your gargets, we have variety ways to automate your electrical systems making life much easier.

Why choose us?

We dont charge call out fee, our electricians are qualified, reasonable quotes, guaranteed services, trustwothy and we have many return happy clients. We all strive to make our clients happy and build a clear rissing rating to our name. Many copanies that we have worked with have good references that they dont hesitate to share with the world about us.

TimeSwitch electrical consultancy

How it works

Give us a call or email and we will come back to you shortly.

  • Step 1 — Qoutation and Comparison

    As soon as we have a good undersranding of each project we sent you a qoutation that you will use to compare with other service providers untill you finalize your decission.

  • Step 2 — Site preparation

    We make sure to follow risk procedures and create a safety first environment on every project that we handle.

  • Step 3 — Site layout planning

    We put all discussions down on paper and rediscus together with the client to avoid redoing the work and mantain the agreed quotes.

  • Step 4 — Work completion and verification

    The last thing we do is to complete the work with a full satisfaction and guarantee to all clients respectively.


Have a look at our finished and on-transit projects


Some of our satisfied clients have something to say recomending TimeSwitch Electrical

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    Leonard at TimeSwitch electrical is explicit, the services are affordable and reliable.

    Andile Kush
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    We cant wait to start a new projects with TimeSwitch electrical assistant.

    Elite Nismus

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